Joining a Network?

How does one join a Network? Under the "How To" directions, it mentions groups and "join group" buttons. However, it seems that everything is in Networks, and I don't see any option to request to join... This is what the directions state:
  Join a Group
     - Click "Groups" in the main navigation menu at the top of any ESA Networks page
     - Click the Group you want to join
     - Click the "Join Us!" button
Any ideas? Thank you!

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  • Thanks Joe!  That did it.  I saw it on the Network I was hoping to join and was able to click it.  Appreciate it!

  • Hi Shannon. Thanks for raising this question. A number of the Networks on the site were set to not accept new members, thus showing no button to join. These group settings have been adjusted and you should see the "Join Us" button now on all groups. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again!

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