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Aquatic Entomology at upcoming ESA meeting in St. Louis

Hi!I'm new to the group and am looking conferences that have a good representation of aquatic entomologists.  I looked at the session topics for the upcoming Entomological Society of America meeting in St. Louis and didn't see a single session that would be relevant to me as an aquatic ecologist who focuses on the invertebrates (both insect and crustacean).  Any ideas?TIA!Danelle  

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Looking for Aquatic Entomologists

Hello all,My name is Mandolin Randall and I am a graduate student with Southeast Missouri State University, I am currently finishing my thesis research regarding the use of submerged rootmats as an alternative substrate for macroinvertebrates in streams where their preferred substrate is lacking or absent. I have completed the generic identification of my specimens and am looking for professionals (preferably in the eastern United States) who would be willing to confirm my identifications.…

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Funding Sources

Hello all,I am a new member and wanted to see where people get funding. I work for a non-profit that just opened up an aquatic macroinvertebrate lab. If not from consulting work, where do others find funding?Thanks,Meg

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