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  • Acariasis
    Hello - I think I’m suffering from Acariasis.

    I had a bunch of plants in my apartment, including bedroom and they got infested by mites.

    I know this is VERY unlikely
    But does anyone know of a doctor or entomologist in the nyc area that can test and confirm this for me please.

    Any help you provide will be appreciated

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Spiders in Bird Diet?

All,First, a big thank you to the members of this group that generated interest for the Arachnology Network to exist. Some entomologists find it funny that, although our field specifically states "the science of insects", more often than not we are required by the public to be knowledgeable about all arthropods, regardless of how many legs they have.There's been a few papers that have highlighted the importance of spiders in bird diet (Wiens and Rotenberry 1979 being one of the oldest and most…

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