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  • I agree with you both. Watching birds is one third of the fun, then comes shooting, then eating them. I LOVE animals -- they taste great.

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"What Do Birds Eat" community science project

Hi all,For my PhD dissertation at University of Delaware in Doug Tallamy's lab, I studied bird-insect food webs, and a part of that project entailed crowd-sourcing images of North American birds eating arthropod prey. Althouh I technically defended already, I'm still interested in collecting this kind of photo. If you have any photos that fit these criteria, please email them to me at along with basic information about when & where the photo was taken (date, city,…

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Birding at the 2012 International Congress

I have been checking on birding in Korea or nearby before next year's Congress.  I won't bore you with all the details (contact me if you want the details), but August is not ideal for birding in Korea -- a little too early for migrant shorebirds, etc.  Some local species, but not the ideal time.  I contacted a tour operator for suggestions (who confirmed August in Korea is not optimal), and he suggested spending about a week in Taiwan -- short, fairly inexpensive flight from Seoul, lots of…

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Birdwatching in Reno at Entomology 2011

Chazz Hesselein asked about birdwatching during the ESA meeting in Reno this year. Thanks for bringing it up, Chazz. Here are some resources: Birding Guide to Reno and Beyond: Nevada Birdwatching: Birding in the North Lake Tahoe Region of Placer County Birdwatching at Reno-Tahoe

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Thawing out!

We're finally thawing out here in Minnesota. I've been waiting since February for signs of spring. Yesterday I heard a robin and today I saw a killdeer in our parking lot. It won't be long now and we'll see geese standing on the ice in the wetlands! The one thing that helps me through March is hearing the first robin of the spring!

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