Birding at San Diego

I just joined this group - before the meeting got into full swing, we went birding up at Torrey Pines State Park (rarest tree in North America), about 1/2 hour north on I5.  Good birding. Audubons race of yellowrumped warbler, scrub jays, ravens, both Anna's and Costa's hummingbirds, and a new one for us, rock wren.  Back at the Town and Country, another new one, Nuttall's woodpecker.

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  • Sorry -- the juncos are still lumped together.  But the winter wren was split into three -- eastern winter wren, Pacific winter wren and European winter wren.  Maybe you gained one there!
    • I'll have to think about whether I got a wren in Europe.  I knew that the only wren they have is our winter wren (they just call it wren).  Bad news about the juncos!
  • Nice sightings, Doug.  Did you see the Bushtits at the Town and Country?  You may be interested to know that the International Ornithologists' Union has split yellow-rumps into four species, so Audubon's is a full species now (once again).
    • That's great news about the yellowrumped.  Now I'll have to see what they've done with the juncos.  I want my Oregon and white-winged back!


      No, we did not see the bushtits.  We read that they should be around, but never saw them.

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