Birding at the 2012 International Congress

I have been checking on birding in Korea or nearby before next year's Congress.  I won't bore you with all the details (contact me if you want the details), but August is not ideal for birding in Korea -- a little too early for migrant shorebirds, etc.  Some local species, but not the ideal time.  I contacted a tour operator for suggestions (who confirmed August in Korea is not optimal), and he suggested spending about a week in Taiwan -- short, fairly inexpensive flight from Seoul, lots of endemics, easy to bird, good infrastructure.  Likely about 150+ spp in a week or so.  If anyone would be interested, contact me and we can see if it is worth organizing. I have lists and photos of species possible.


In addition, I still may try to find a few days right before or right after the Congress to look around Korea -- the south coast southeast of Daegu, or a few areas near Seoul.  If interested, I can provide some resources.



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