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Student project on habitat preference in Cerambycids

Greetings All: I'd like your input on a student project which I am directing.So, first, I teach at a small, two-year college in North-Central Texas where I am not really supported to do research. My primary area has been ecology and behavior of the Comanche harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex comanche). However, due to my own and especially student interest I am exapnding  my  entomological view. This summer I have the priviledge of working with an aspiring coleopterist from another institution. He is…

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A student of Entomology asks.

Folks I believe I have a new species of Necydalis.  I recovered/ reared  3 specimens from Calocedrus decurrens branches.   About 6-7 mm long.  Antennae 2x as long as body.   Elytra 3/4 as broad as long.  Folded wings reach tip of abdomen.  You all know of anyone working on this group?  I'm in California,    Remember I'm a student and it could be in some other Genus.  While, I'm sure its a longicorn, I have been wrong so many times before. .

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