Student project on habitat preference in Cerambycids

Greetings All: I'd like your input on a student project which I am directing.

So, first, I teach at a small, two-year college in North-Central Texas where I am not really supported to do research. My primary area has been ecology and behavior of the Comanche harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex comanche). However, due to my own and especially student interest I am exapnding  my  entomological view. This summer I have the priviledge of working with an aspiring coleopterist from another institution. He is very advanced in entomology and plans to pursue a PhD. This summer, he completed an intitial investigation into habitat prefence of cerambycids. We are developing this into more rigorous research project for this next year.

We are self-funded, whcih means no funding. The prelimiary work we just completed used fermented wine baits in new forest, old-growth forests, and edge habitats of forest. We're in the process of turning this into a poster for this year's annual meeting.

Since my speciality is ecology and behavior of this ant, I'd appreciate any input or suggestions you might have.

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