Any guides or information as to set up a program on insects that would coinside with a local botanical garden organization would be welcomed. I don't know where to begin but would like a solid perspective to present to the gardens board of directors and also how others have funded such an enterprize. I would also like to begin a bug zoo as well as emphasizing insect ecology in gardens, landscapes and natural areas. Thanks.

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  • I suggest you contact Karen Oberhauser ( She has obtained a series a small foundation grants to fund school insect gardens in conjunction with her monarchs larval monitoring project. She could give you some fund-raising and  project design advice. As for resources and others interested in the area - Eric Grissell (Systematic Ent Lab, NMNH) wrote an illustrated guide to insects in gardens (Insects and Gardens 2001 Timberpress) which is a good resource for gardeners. The Society of Lepidopterists would be another organization to contact to see what materials are available. Good luck!
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