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When to introduce Orders?

Hi all,

I'm teaching Entomology 101 for the first time.  While I've worked with General Education classes and insects, done outreach talks, and helped out students from time to time, this is the first time solo.  When does everyone begin talking about

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South Alabama

Hi! I homeschool my 3 yr old daughter who wants to be an entomologist and study coleptra. ?!!! She has surpassed my knowledge of insects! I am trying to find an entomology program/camp/tutor in the South Alabama area. Any help would be greatly apprec

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New Discover Entomology Brochure

Discover Entomology Brochure

Discover Entomology is a 12-page, color brochure that was written for students from grades 6-12 (see pricing information below).

Discover Entomology explains why studying insects is important for agriculture, medicine,

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Roger Gold in Teaching For Tomorrow

A new video series―Teaching for Tomorrow―features Roger Gold, professor of entomology and holder of the Endowed Chair in Urban and Structural Entomology from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, decked out in an apron and chef’s hat encourag

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