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Hi everyone. I have just discovered the wonderful net works and am very interested in this one. I am not sure how to access all the information or comments that the present members have introduced.


I got a degree in biology in 2008 and I am taking an online MS in entomology. For nearly 25 years I operated heavy equipment and a dozer in construction and for the forest service road maintenance. Very late to be starting over but like most of you, I have a passion for insects. If any of you might know a researcher in need of labor for their project or a study course, I would be so grateful for the information. I love observation, data and specimen collecting, literture research, being out doors, photographing in lab or in the field, etc. 



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  • Welcome Patty! Where are you located? We might be able to suggest some contacts at local entomology departments based on that.


    Attending ESA Branch meetings (which are held around the country in the spring, typically) or the ESA Annual Meeting would be a good option as well for making some contacts as you continue your studies.  

  • Hello Patricia


    Please give some more details of your work, I am sure I can help you and also many other members to make this group very active.

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