Entomopathologists study diseases of insects and other arthropods.  Bacteria, fungi, microsporidia, nematodes and viruses are major groups of entomopathogens.  

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  • Hi

    Is there anything to do vs "Acarien" in my Coléoptère (worms ) ?

  • Bonjour a tous.

    Je développe un élevage de Ténébrion Molitor et j'ai une invasion d'acarien, type Ciron de Farine. Est-ce qu'il existe un "remède", un traitement, ou autre solution non nuisible a mes coléoptères ?

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Mother needs help identifying mites. More than one kind. Still alive on paper and plastic after almost 2 months.

I am a 53 year old female with two 18 year olds.  My son moved out but my daughter has Down Syndrome.  We are living in the portion of the house that has ceramic tile.  I am being called delusional because I am insisting that there are still "bugs".  All of our belongings are in black plastic garbage bags.  My 13 year old dog we thought was the source was treated and removed from the home.  She passed away this past weekend. I had been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis which was true at the…

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beware of a scam artist on this forum

A scam artist under the name of Frank Kwabena, Linda Jackson, and perhaps other false names is sending e-mails to members claiming he/she has special information to share which cannot be put on the forum and he/she leaves an e-mail address which address is constantly changing.  I do not know what this individual is after but beware. I would not respond to the email request

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Insect blood feeding parasites can infect humans

A blood feeding, filarial parasite thought to infect only other insects like wasps and beetles has infected me.  The larvae of the Twisted-Wing (strepsiptera) was vectored by a grass fly (Stylogaster neglecta, I believe) which entered my forearm.  Indentification of the twisted-wing male is conclusive because its two pair of wings, antennae, and very dark eyes. I am wanting to contact an entomologist who can confirm this identification. I can find no case histories of human infestation by the…

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Cordyceps sinensis

Is there anyone with expertise on cordycep sinensis ?  I need help in determine if the caterpillar-like appearance has a caterpillar origin and not a caterpillar look alike root.  Many thanks.

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