Cordyceps sinensis

Is there anyone with expertise on cordycep sinensis ?  I need help in
determine if the caterpillar-like appearance has a caterpillar origin and not
a caterpillar look alike root.  Many thanks.

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  • Hi Aini,


    Richard Humber at the USDA-ARS center in Ithaca could help you.  You can contact him at


    Surendra Dara

    • Surendra, i just reviewed a paper on this fungus. Fascinating - the host larvae takes 2 or 3 years to develop since they are at such high altitude. the larvae forms a sclerotia, and the fungus develops a large 'horn' on its head - I cant remember the proper term for it now.. 

      Steve A 

    • Thanks Surendra.  Appreciate the contact.  Will do so right away.



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