I am a 53 year old female with two 18 year olds.  My son moved out but my daughter has Down Syndrome.  We are living in the portion of the house that has ceramic tile.  I am being called delusional because I am insisting that there are still "bugs".  All of our belongings are in black plastic garbage bags.  My 13 year old dog we thought was the source was treated and removed from the home.  She passed away this past weekend. 
I had been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis which was true at the time of the diagnosis.  A skin scraping and a biopsy both proved negative.  I had been so aggressively treating everything that I damaged my skin and thought that every twitch and movement was a bug.  I did the typical matchbox presentation to my primary care physician but it turned out to be hair fuzz.  I was correctly diagnosed with the delusional parasitosis at that time.  So, I took the pills, hydroxazine, I got better and decided to clean up all of the bags and put my house in order because the dermatologist told me that there is no way they are still alive.  I opened a bag to wash the sheets and met a facefull of bugs and am now re-infected and there are still bugs.  I took my daughter's desk out to the curb this morning and there was a piece of paper on it.  I touched it with gloves on and there are new burrows on my arm.  If they were scabies they would be dead as no one has been upstairs since Jan 23rd.  We visited a home that had free range chickens in September.  Bird mites?  My daughter had a yeast infection that later turned out to be sebo-psoriasis.  Could it be collombella?  I have been dealing with the infestation since Christmas.  We live in a 'deer park' neighborhood and I routinely see tracks near the mailbox that my dog and I visited once a day.  Maybe there are mites that she picked up from there.  I do not know much about mites and I am desparate to have them identified to get rid of them once and for all.  The pest control company put out glue boards but I do not know that they actually looked at anything under the microscope. 
I am not imagining this, there are mites on the surfaces of paper and plastic.  I believe that they could be the pregnant females because the burrows are not that deep anymore and they are easier to kill; like they are giving it a last ditch effort.  There are also the ones that are laying eggs on my head, that makes two types.  There may be even more.  Originally there were fleas and ticks but they are gone.  People can't see them, therefore, they don't exist.
I purchased a home from the VA in 2013 that had been an empty foreclosure for 2 years.  It had mold from behind the basement drywall in 2014 which was subsequently remediated and the landscaping was improved.  It is ongoing to keep the water from the house.  There is a gravity system trench around the inside perimeter of the basement and a dehumidifier keeps the humidity at 30%.
I need help to identify the mites because I have already lost my son until this is over and our dog and will lose my home and my daughter.  I took her to the pediatrician two days ago for a recheck hoping to get some help identifying the mites.  There is one that I believe might be walking dandruff but the doctor insisted that she doesn't know how to look under a microscope and promptly called my ex husband to report my visit as she was concerned for my daughter's well being. 
I have given up on medical doctors as they only know about scabies and very little of that.  If you have any ideas, suggestions, or help in any way please contact me. 

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  • I do not know anything about mites. You might try Christopher Buddle at McGill University at this e-mail:

    E-mail: chris[dot]buddle[at]mcgill[dot]ca

    • Many thanks.  Very much appreciated.  I have been under suspicion of delusions because the doctors said it was scabies so I must be crazy if I think they are still alive.  smh.

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