Flea News is a newsletter about fleas (Siphonaptera) published since 1974 twice annually, and available on this network's webpage. Information on fleas is sought for the newsletter.

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Flea News

Flea News was created in 1974 by the entomologist F.G.A.M. Smit, who curated the flea collections of Rothschild at the British Museum of Natural History in London, as a communication among students of fleas, a listing of the flea literature, and a circulation of observations, notes, and requests for material on fleas. R.E. and J.H. Lewis at Iowa State University took over the editing of the newsletter in 1980. In 2006, R.L. Bossard and N.C. Hinkle started editing the newsletter and placed it on the Entomological Society of America networks.

All volumes of Flea News are archived on the Flea News network, or instead, directly from the Flea News editor.

Please contact the editor with any questions at bossardtech@gmail.com .

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