Sticky traps

As a pathologist who has just come over to the dark side, how do I dissolve the sticky stuff on my blue panel traps.

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  • Hi Martin!

    A couple of things you could use:


    1. Goo-gone.  It's a citrus based cleaner.  kind of aromatic, but your traps will smell like oranges!

    2.  Histoclear.  Another citrus based solvent.  Much less odiferous than goo gone and available in gallon containers.  As I recall, it's also less toxic too.

    • I am going to second Mr. Takahashi's recommendation for citrus-based cleaner. I used Citra-solv to remove thrips from sticky traps for slide mounting. It was efficient at removing them from the surface and then for clearing the remaining blobs of glue and dirt from their bodies. Plus, it smelled good, and it was remarkably cheap.
    • No Mr. required, that's my dad!  lol
    • Will that solvent dissolve plastic petri dishes?  One of the solvents I used dissolved the dish and I found the insect legs etc became embedded in the softened walls of the petri dishes!
    • Oops! It has been a few years, but yes - that could be an issue. I do remember ruining some specimens and a plastic dish. Thrips were small, so I continued forward using a watch-glass and a brush wetted with citra-solv.
    • yeah, I use glass petri dishes.
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