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GPA colony


We have a grad student working in our building whose green peach aphid colony crashed, and she needs to re-start the colony right away for an upcoming experiment.


Please let me know if anyone have a virus-free source of GPA and could send some

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Removing aphids from plants?

Hello all

Part of my work involves testing compounds on cotton melon aphid -- Aphis gossyppi -- and it takes a considerable amount of time to remove them from their host plant without damaging them.  We've tried various things (color, heat, etc.) to t

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EPG - Marv Kinsey

I am posting this at the request of Elaine Backus, for all HFN folks involved with EPG. I tried earlier to send it out as a message to the network, but it came through truncated -- sorry!  Hopefully, here is the complete text of Elaine's e-mail. If n

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