GPA colony


We have a grad student working in our building whose green peach aphid colony crashed, and she needs to re-start the colony right away for an upcoming experiment.


Please let me know if anyone have a virus-free source of GPA and could send some aphids to her  by the end of this week.



Louis Hesler

Brookings, SD

(605) 693-5228

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  • Thanks Greg.  We appreciate the offer.  The grad student found some stray GPA on plants that weren't supposed to be infested--so she said that she'll be able to use those.

  • I have a green peach aphid colony on sugar beet, but you will need a USDA permit for me to send them legally across state lines.  I know it is ridiculous since gpa is found in every state, but that's the rules we have to live with.  Hopefully you can find some in SD.  That would make things much simpler.  Are there any potato or sugar beet fields nearby?  You probably could field collect some there.  Good luck.

    Greg Walker

    Univ. California, Riverside

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