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Diseased colonies

It appears many of our stored product insect colonies have become infected with a disease.  Many of the colonies are reared in whole wheat flour and Brewer's Yeast, inside incubators.  I am planning to destroy the contents of any rearing container showing signs of diseased insects and then autoclaving everything possible.  Anything that cannot be autoclaved, will be washed or wiped down with 70% ethyl alcohol.  Can anyone recommend any suggestions or comments?Thank you! 

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Rearing flower thrips

I would appreciate any advice on rearing Frankliniella sp., flower thrips.  My task is to develop a method for rearing F. bispinosa at U.F. research center near Tampa Fla.  Plant species, cage types, photoperiod, humidity levels, etc.  thank you, curtis. 

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GPA colony

Hello,We have a grad student working in our building whose green peach aphid colony crashed, and she needs to re-start the colony right away for an upcoming experiment. Please let me know if anyone have a virus-free source of GPA and could send some aphids to her  by the end of this week. Thanks,Louis HeslerBrookings, SD(605) 693-5228 

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