Core courses and Insect Physiology

Dear Colleague,

I respectfully request your input.

The curriculum committee of our entomology department is preparing to review how we teach courses for grad students.  I would like to know what other units do.  

For example:

  • Do you require a core of courses— if yes, what are they? 
  • Are the courses for MS and PhD students?  
  • Are grad students required to pass prelim exams in disciplinary areas of entomology (whether or not you have a core)?  
  • If core courses are taught, are they a semester long?  
  • Is anyone doing insect physiology in half a semester?  If so, please enlighten me as to how it is taught-- e.g., is it 8 intensive weeks?  Insect Physio "lite"?

Many thanks!

Carol Anelli

Washington State University

Department of Entomology

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  • ya i need iam present doing msc

  • At Iowa State University, graduate students (MS and PhD) are required to take Insect Physiology (4Cr), and Systematic Entomology (5Cr), both a semester long. PhD students have a prelim exam separate from course work. Full details here:


  • Carol,

    While studying entomology at Cornell, we had Insect Physiology open to undergraduates as well as MS and PhD students.  The lectures were the same, of course, but course requirements were more stringent for graduate students.  As an undergraduate entomology major, I often detested being in the same class as the grad students, as we often appeared inferior (and we were).  Now, older and wiser (mostly older) I believe this was a good thing.  Interactions are on an elevated level.  We were actually more interacting with grad students rather than competing against them.  Insect Physiology was a full semester.


    While in graduate school at the University of Florida, exams in entomology were required in order to receive our degrees, and we did have core courses.  I did not take Insect Phys. @ Florida, but it was a full semester, and I believe still is.


    Tom Dykstra

  • The Information for the University of California Davis is available here:

    -Matan Shelomi
  • I am the graduate coordinator and teach the insect physiology course in the Dept of Entomology at the University of Georgia (MS at WSU, first student of John Brown).  This course is taught every spring semester (5-16 students) and only open to graduate students, Our core courses are insect physiology, insect taxonomy/systematics, and two specific topic, reading/diiscussion seminars.  All are semester-long. So that students have a background for insect physiology and 21st century insect biology in general, we require all students to have genetics and biochemistry/cell biology courses for admission or contiuation in the graduate degree program.  Students are admitted with these deficiencies but must take the appropriate undergraduate or graduate course to remove these deficiencies.  There are no identified disciplinary areas for written and oral preliminary exams, but generally, faculty cover a variety of relevant areas, including physiology. 

    If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


    Mark R. Brown 

    • Hello, Mark!  Many thanks for taking the time to respond!
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