Bagrada hilaris

I am very interested in any information on the current status of the Bagrada hilaris, Bagrada cruciferum in Africa, Saudi Arabia and/ or India or any other country that is controlling these pentatomids in cole crops.

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  • Hi Crystal,

    I will just comment about the work in California and Arizona.  Researchers are working on developing IPM strategies after its discovery in these two states.  You may look at the abstracts from the ESA meetings.  You may also check my blog about this pest.


    Surendra Dara

    • Hi Surendra,

      Thank you for your comment.  I am at UCR and we are currently working with this insect, one of our posters were displayed at ESA about them.  I have been doing research on the Bagrada in it's native countries and have found old documentation but I am interested in any information that is current.  Is the insect still a pest or is it being controlled? What plants are being targeted other then Brassicas?  Specifically Fabaceae, our experience is that they do not care for them.  I tried your blog but it would not come up.  I will try searching for it.

    • Sorry for the typo.  It should be  It has not been reported in Santa Barbara Co yet.  You will find some additional information from the ESA abstracts.  Hope this helps.



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