• HM2-

    I am currently a Navy Ento stationed in Norfolk.

    MSC-IPP is your friend. You will need to have a bachelors degree to apply. The program will send you to a school of your choice to obtain your Master's in Entomology. I have assisted three HM's in succesfully getting admitted and completing the program.

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  •  William,

    If your experience in HM2 is medical and disease vector work, then your natural path is within the Disease Vector Ecology and Control; out of JAX.  This is the natural path for officers.  However, there is also a civilian side to Navy Entomology (GS-414) as well through Naval Facilities Engineering Command9 (NAVFACENGCOM).  This is more for the structure and regularory side of entomology (installation based pest management plans).  That is based out of Norfolk.  Both are part of the pest management network as part of the Deparatment of the Navy.  However, they serve different functions.  I was on the NAVFACENGCOM side nearly 2 decades ago... and went into private industry after the '05 BRAC announcement.  But worked with both DVEC JAX and NAVFAC with nothing but fond memories!  I'm glad your seeking a carreer path with Navy Entomology!

  • HM2 Smith,

      If you are interested in serving as an Entomologist, please consider the U.S. Army as a viable option. We are currently accepting applications for Commissioned Offiers for Active Duty and the Army Reserve. 

    Please contact me via email or phone to discuss this great way to continue serving in the U.S. Armed Forces

    Staff Sergeant Calvin Harris

    Army Medical Service Corps Representative



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  • William, read this article and then contact the people who wrote it:


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