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Helicoverpa armigera - why it is difficult to manage?

The insecticides developed so far by various companies has failed to manage the population of Helicoverpa armigera on global bases. The transgenic crops developed against them also showing failure in different parts of world. Unlocking of genome of H. armigera is carrying out by CSIRO Entomology. How the molecular techniques helps to find a solution to Helicoverpa menace.

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Insect Genetic Technologies Research Coordination Network -

Insect Genetic Technologies Research Coordination Network is a 5-year National Science Foundation - funded project that began in April 2014 whose object is to facilitate advances in functional genomics by leveraging dispersed expertise with the broad community of insect scientists.Many insect biologist have or will soon have an abundance of genome sequence data but few tools for probing function.  The IGTRCN intends to address that problem directly in a number of ways including seminars,…

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