Estimation of Insecticide Residues.

I am working on a project for estimating the insecticide residues in date palm fruit after controlling the Red Palm Weevil.

I think the very important issue is not controlling the pests but looking for the side effects of these chemicals on humans. 

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  • What kind of insecticide treatments will you tudy to check residues?

    • Excuse me I did not see your previous answer to Pietra. These insecticides are used by spraying. Except if they are sprayed on the fruit bunches, I don't see any risk to find residue in the fruits. Sprayed Insecticides even they are classed as systemic do not penetrate inside the palms because of the cuticle barrier. 

    • We use these Insecticides to control Red Palm Weevil. So it will be injecting inside the trunk of palm trees. 

    • what kind of injection method ? Of the 3 insecticides, only fipronil is considered systemic.


  • Thanks for your reply, I choose three Insecticides are Chlorpyrifos, Fipronil and Diazinon in Egypt.

  • Very interesting what molécule do you think to work ? Imidaclopride , chlopyryphos , dimethoate thiamethoxam, emamectine benzoate , in which countries ?
    H Piètra
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