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Thank you for your interest in being a member of the Entomological Foundation’s Student Engagement Committee. The Student Engagement Committee is a student-led committee that increases student involvement with the Entomological Foundation; builds student awareness of the Entomological Foundation; creates, coordinates, and/or promotes outreach events with the Entomological Foundation; and assists with the development of new outreach tools while giving Committee members opportunities for leadership, volunteerism, and service.


As a member of the Student Engagement Committee, your focus will be on supporting the Entomological Foundation's mission to build a future for entomology by educating young people about science through insects. As such, the Entomological Foundation needs enthusiastic students and innovative ideas to succeed in its mission. The Entomological Foundation believes that student input and involvement can improve and strengthen its programs in ways that the Board of Directors and staff could not do alone.


The Student Engagement Committee will be comprised of at least 10 members of which, at least, 60% (6) are students. To empower the student members, the committee will be co-chaired by a student and non-student committee member. Membership terms are for two years and each committee member will be expected to lead an initiative over the course of his/her term.  Examples of possible initiatives could include a web or email-based awareness campaign, organizing an event at a professional meeting, raising funds for the Entomological Foundation, or inviting students to an Entomological Foundation event. 

We plan to have quarterly conference calls and communicate frequently by email. We plan to meet at the ESA Annual Meeting as well. Everyone will have an active role on this committee and we will measure our impact by evaluating increases in student involvement or student donations to the Entomological Foundation.

Please fill out the Student Engagement Form.  Also, please have your academic advisor or department chair send a short note of endorsement of your participation on this committee in a separate email to April Gower, Entomological Foundation, Please make sure your name is in the subject line.

You will hear back from the Entomological Foundation or Student Engagement Committee member approximately one month after we have received your form and a note from your advisor or department chair.

Thank you,

Sharron S. Quisenberry                                                                     Patti Prasifka
Chair and President                                                                           Dow AgroSciences
Entomological Foundation Board of Directors                                    Student Engagement Committee

Mark Beavers                                                                                   Rebecca Trout Fryxell
CAPT, MSC, USN                                                                          University of Tennessee Knoxville
U.S. Armed Forces Pest Management Board                                    Student Engagement Committee
Student Engagement Committee

Rayda Krell

Independent Entomological Consultant

Student Engagement Committee 

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