Hello colleagues,
We're asking for your votes for the bombardier beetle to win the popularity contest for "most interesting genome in the world". Bombardiers are among the world's most impressive chemists, famous for their ability to repel predators with rapid-fire, precisely aimed explosive disharges of a toxic chemical mix at over 100C. If we win, PacBio will sequence the bombardier genome! This will provide a valuable resource for entomologists, evolutionary biologists and chemical ecologists. Right now we are losing to vertebrates, and we are the only insect among the five finalists! Please vote for the bombardier *daily* (up to 3x per day with up 3 different email addresses): https://goo.gl/Ro8Lrr. And please spread the message! Thank you! #SeqTheBeetle

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Tanya Renner, San Diego State University
Dr. Aman Gill, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Wendy Moore, University of Arizona
Dr. Kipling Will, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Athula Attygalle, Stevens Institute of Technology

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