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  • Dear fellow entomologists/ insect trivia enthusiasts,
    Here is an opportunity to fill out this quick survey (less than a minute) of just 8 questions and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. we are conducting market research about a mobile version of an insect trivia quiz bowl. If you would also forward this to other insect trivia enthusiasts, that would be great. #entomology #bugtrivia #insecttrivia
    Thanks in advance.

    BugIQ.trivia Team
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Looking for symposium participants: Got Bycatch?

Good afternoon, everyone!As entomologists we know that many of our survey and research activities capture numerous specimens in addition to the insects we are studying… sometimes at ghastly levels. There has been a recent surge of interest in the problem and value of bycatch across entomology, and some of us would like to organize a symposium on this topic for the ESA annual meeting in St. Louis, 17-20 November 2019. We are interested in hearing from colleagues across the entomological…

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Vote to sequence the bombardier beetle genome! It's the only insect in the "most interesting genome in the world" contest

Hello colleagues,We're asking for your votes for the bombardier beetle to win the popularity contest for "most interesting genome in the world". Bombardiers are among the world's most impressive chemists, famous for their ability to repel predators with rapid-fire, precisely aimed explosive disharges of a toxic chemical mix at over 100C. If we win, PacBio will sequence the bombardier genome! This will provide a valuable resource for entomologists, evolutionary biologists and chemical…

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Senior Member Symposium with Retired and Emeriti Professional on Sharing their Involvement after Retirement

Invitation to share your thoughts and participate in Mentoring between Students and Retired Entomologist.We welcome students and all ICE entomologists to participate in the ESA Senior Symposium on September 29, 2016, Thursday 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM.  A discussion, as well as business session will follow 6 diverse presentations on Entomology without Borders and we welcome global relationships and collectiveness. This also permits participation in symposium plans for 2017meeting in Denver around the…

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Job Announcement

Maine State ApiaristBRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION: To manage the State apiary program by preventing the spread of honeybee diseases and parasites into the state and controlling those diseases and parasites once in the state; to facilitate the pollination of crops with both resident and migratory honeybees; to regulate the management and movement of honeybee colonies through licensing and registration; and to educate beekeepers, crop producers and the general public about bees and other…

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