The goal of this "Teaching Undergraduate Entomology" network is to connect instructors of undergraduate entomology courses at a wide variety of types of baccalaureate institutions (e.g. liberal arts colleges, community colleges, research universities) to share ideas, syllabi, lab exercises, facilitate educational research, and stimulate discussion on the various ways we teach entomology to undergraduate college students.

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  • Dear fellow entomologists/ insect trivia enthusiasts,
    Here is an opportunity to fill out this quick survey (less than a minute) of just 8 questions and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. we are conducting market research about a mobile version of an insect trivia quiz bowl. If you would also forward this to other insect trivia enthusiasts, that would be great. #entomology #bugtrivia #insecttrivia
    Thanks in advance.

    BugIQ.trivia Team
  • Hello all. I saw Karen's question (I'm not using Borrow and Delong's text; using Gullan and Cranston) and was reminded of this site. Karen, Youtube can be great for linking to clips of insect behavior, also BBC, David Attenborough stuff, Nature, etc. Lots of insect photos on web; I've made a few topic (insect parts) photos with live insects you are welcome to but you can also find stuff online. My question to all is how are you handling labs? I plan to be outside as much as possible but when it gets colder... lectures will be split online and in-person with limited number students. Thanks.
  • Hello fellow teachers! I am fairly new to teaching entomology and am wondering if anyone has teaching resources they'd be willing to share. I've only taught the class once, and am now needing to move lectures online. I'm especially interested in any digital images / powerpoints for Borrow and Delong's text. Would love to connect with other teachers out there!
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Virtual dissection software

Hi everyone,I'm keen to hear people's experiences with using virtual dissection software for teaching undergraduate level invertebrate zoology. I agree virtual dissection is not a total replacement for the learning acquired from using real specimens, but it can definitely be useful for online teaching and for students who don't wish to use real specimens.I have tried to find an engaging product that includes examples from multiple taxonomic groups - the best option I found is this one, but it…

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Help mentoring undergraduate entomological research

Greetings everyone: I would like your input, guidance, and suggestions for guiding undergraduate research.I teach at a small, two-year college in North Central Texas. My instution is less than supportive of my own as well as student research. Despite this situation, I have a few students who want to work with me. While I recognize my instutition cannot fully embrace research, I am working to change the institutional view to see the value of this for interested students.At any rate, this summer…

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