I stumbled onto this site and I have an infestation of varied carpet beetle larvae in my house. I would like a recommendation of a company that can rid me of this insect without using pesticides. Pheromone traps?I appreciate any help you can give me. I live in lower westchester New York.

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  • You will need to find the source of the infestation. VCB can be found in a plethora of materials in your home... and most likely not in the carpets. dead insects in attics, old squirrel nests, raccoons in chimneys, bird nests in homes , stored products etc.

    stuffed animals , even school projects with beans, etc. stored in attics after the kids bring them home.

    You could try insect growth regulators such as precor gentrol. wwww.welmark.com

    you could also try a heat treatment. pheromones will only attract and catch adults.. they are for monitoring not control.

    good luck
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