unknown bug

I have an house and car infested with an unknown bug and have sspent thousands on exterminators before moving out of my house. I am looking for information on how to identify and who might do so. Grateful for any info.

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  • Put out a number of insect monitors (glue boards) for 7-14 days and find an ACE,BCE or local exterminator who can look them over for biting arthropods.  

  • You may want to contact a local Board or Associate Certified Entomologist. http://www.entocert.org/roster

    • Thank you, I'll check out.

  • There is not enough information to make any further comments.It is like dealing with a black box.

    Where is location of a person (what state and what town)? What is background for pest problems? who did the identification?

    • Hello, thanks for your reply....I am in simpsonville, SC. No prior pest issues. No one has done ID, that is the issue...who to contact, who would be able to ID.

      Thanks for any assistance.

    • Jennifer, feel free to reach out and send images if you have any.  Perhaps I can help (shannonskedbce@gmail.com)

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