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ESA Editor-in-Chief Searches

Dear Women in Entomology Network:

I wanted to make sure members of this network are aware of two ongoing editor-in-chief searches here at ESA:

- Thomas Say Publications is seeking an editor-in-chief to replace current EIC Jim Woolley, who is steppi

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Forensic Entomology

Hello all. I'm a new member looking for some advice. Despite my undergraduate degree being in psychology, as well as some graduate work in forensic psychology, I am interested in changing my career path to forensic science -- specifically, forensic e

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Funding Sources

Hello all,

I am a new member and wanted to see where people get funding. I work for a non-profit that just opened up an aquatic macroinvertebrate lab. If not from consulting work, where do others find funding?



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Discussing Diversity

You may know that I have been a big fan of podcasts (since before they became cool), episodic radio-like programming that you can listen to when you want (I listen most often when doing house or yard work, when walking, and sometimes cooking). One of

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