• Despite the early hour and potential conflicts for students with early morning presentations, this was the best attended breakfast yet (estimated at least 150), and the buzz is that a good time (and as importantly, good networking) was had by all. Thanks go out to Dow AgroSciences for supporting the breakfasts of 76 students this year; to Rosina Romano of ESA Central for finding us an amazing venue looking out from the 18th floor of the Hilton Garden; to Elizabeth Beckemeyer, Paula Mitchell, and Rayda Krell for making sure participants found their way into the hotel; to Gwen Pearson for the great write-up in EntomologyToday (and those in ESA Central for publicizing the event in e-flyers before the meeting!); and to everyone else who attended to make this a wonderful success!

    Many have wondered why we have moved the breakfast to Mondays over the last couple of years.  It is not a decision made lightly.  We know that there are potential conflicts for students giving early talks in the oral competition for the President's Prize, but having a Monday breakfast allows the early networking opportunities (making Wednesday too late) that should follow everyone throughout the meeting.  Tuesdays conflicted with other breakfasts (USDA; Past Presidents) of people we wanted students to get to know.

    This year we did not have a formal speaker--setting this up is an additional expense in a setting not necessarily designed for anything but eating and conversation. I've heard feedback on both sides of the fence about the desirability of having a speaker for 5-10 minutes during the breakfast, although certainly those we've had (Christianne Corbett in 2011 and Silvia Dorn in 2012) have brought good insights and sparked additional conversations.  One option to explore might be to request a Lunch-and-Learn slot with a speaker.  This would allow additional opportunities for exploring topics of interest to our community.  What do you think? Do you have someone and/or a theme in mind?  Do you have other ideas for Portland (or beyond)?

    Please let us hear from you!

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