Thanks to everyone who participated in the Women In Entomology Breakfast in Vancouver last week (was it only last week?)! 


The official estimate of attendance is not in yet, but it was close to 300--another record year. The breakfast table topics focus on types of careers and issues with work and balance of family life we might encounter as entomologists. We purposefully avoid discipline-oriented themes  because our Sections and the rest of the meeting focus on these for networking. 

Included in the tables at this year's breakfast were ones on Academia - Research and Academia - Teaching.  Terry McGlynn wrote a nice blogpost in his "Small Pond Science" (highly recommended blog) on misconceptions about teaching vs. research and stress.  I hope many of you also caught his talk on Sunday morning in Vancouver on "Actions required of Men to Advance Gender Equality," which he also wrote about.

If you didn't make it this year, there's always, St. Louis in 2019!



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