ESA Editor-in-Chief Searches

Dear Women in Entomology Network:

I wanted to make sure members of this network are aware of two ongoing editor-in-chief searches here at ESA:

- Thomas Say Publications is seeking an editor-in-chief to replace current EIC Jim Woolley, who is stepping down after a distinguished term of service. The new editor-in-chief would take office in January 2020. More information about the Thomas Say editor search, including the editor's responsibilities, qualifications, and application requirements, is available here:

- The Journal of Economic Entomology is seeking a co-editor-in-chief to lead the journal alongside current EIC Frank Zalom. The new co-editor-in-chief would take office as soon as possible after he or she is appointed by the ESA Governing Board. More information about this search is available here:

The deadline for applications for the Thomas Say editor-in-chief position is Feb. 25, while the deadline for the Journal of Economic Entomology co-editor-in-chief position is March 6.

Please share this information with any colleagues who might be a good fit for one of these positions. If you or someone you know is interested but has questions, please feel free to contact me at and I'll be happy to assist you. 

Thank you! I hope you have a good week

Best regards-

Lisa Junker

Director, Publications and Communications


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