Filling Gaps

In the aftermath of the symposium in Reno, I hope that you are all continuing to think about ways to increase your own involvement in science and our Society, make your voice heard, provide a means for those coming into entomology to become involved and to gain recognition for accomplishments large and small.  There are concerns that women are being recognized, nominated, elected, hired, retained at a lower rate than their numbers as students and in the Society would suggest (see Why So Few; Advancing Ways of Awarding Recognition in Discipline Societies; Women in Science in the Field; Nature on speaking out; Prospects in Science; and many more).  My most recent link is to a podcast from Freakonomics and Marketplace on the Patent Gap.  

How do we fill these gaps?  Your thoughts as always are welcome!

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  • Bug Membracid (aka "Bug Girl") just posted a message on Facebook to a very nice article from the Cornell Chronicle featuring University of Illinois' Dept. of Entomology head and American Entomologist author of the popular "Buzzwords," May Berenbaum, talking about the history of women in entomology in a symposium this week. I could wish this symposium were available online!  Topics paralleled several from our symposium in Reno. 

  • I happened to catch President Obama's speech at the White House Forum on Women and the Economy earlier today.  If you missed this or only saw a snippet on the news, you can not only see the entire speech on CSPAN's video library as well as the excellent panel discussion that preceded it and the closing session.  The videos are listed on the right and you can also download from there, a link to a report (pdf) just released, Keeping America's Women Moving Forward: the Key to an Economy Built to Last" from the White House Council on Women and Girls.  While the focus of these activities are on American women and the U.S. economy, there is little doubt that many of the lessons and insights can be of value elsewhere.

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