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Hello all. I'm a new member looking for some advice. Despite my undergraduate degree being in psychology, as well as some graduate work in forensic psychology, I am interested in changing my career path to forensic science -- specifically, forensic entomology.Since my current school is dismantling the forensic track of the biomedical sciences program I am in, I applied to two schools with entomology graduate programs. I am interested in receiving a graduate degree in entomology, and then hope to specialize in forensic entomology. Advice I have received from professors is that my only career path may be to teach within the university setting, since there is only one forensic entomologist working for the crime lab in the entire state (where I reside now). I really have no interest in teaching, however.What is the best path for me to take to pursue forensic entomology? Thanks for reading.

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  • Hi Melissa,

    Welcome to ESA. You may want to access ESA's online membership directory - found under "Member Resources" on our home page - - and search under "Specialties" for forensics.  I'm sure you'll find many member who are willing to talk with you.  You could also check out this group -

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Debi Sutton

    ESA Director of Membership & Marketing

  • From what I see, there's not a lot of work available for forensic entomology specifically, but there may be more jobs related to forensic science that is not academic. A lot of forensic entomology-related research are done in veterinary entomology labs since they study the same group of insects (filth flies). You may want to search some published articles for names of people doing research you're interested in. Let me know if you need a few leads.

  • You don't mention which state you are in and if you are willing to move. I don't have experience with forensic entomology but the entomological sciences can give you a wide breadth of experience that could make you employable outside of a university setting.  Perhaps someone in the government, military, or industry can chime in with possible directions...? Do you know whether there is an intern program at your state's crime lab where you might get experience and/or talk to others who have chosen this path?

    Good luck and stay vigilant for opportunities.  Hope you will have the chance to attend the International Congress of Entomology in Orlando this year!

    • I am in Texas. We may relocate to Florida down the road. There is an internship available for forensic entomology students working at the crime lab in Houston. I have explored that option as a student, until my school informed me I would have to wait until after completing my degree program. I will not give up, as I am still interested in the internship, just needing to settle into another school first.

      That's helpful, thank you for your response!
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