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Every year at this time, we have the opportunity, and yes, the ESA MEMBER BENEFIT of voting for candidates to fill the offices of the leaders of our Society http://www.entsoc.org/about_esa/governance/2015-2016-elections-nominees.  

The slate of candidates includes ESA Vice-President Elect, arguably the most important position within our Society. Did you know we have two highly qualified candidates running: Melody Keena and Michael Parrella? Take a look at their visions for ESA. What do you think are the most important priorities for our Society? Is your vision represented here?

If you are an ESA Board Certified Entomologist, you can vote for a new Director-Elect, and if you are in the Southwestern, Eastern, or Pacific Branch, you can also vote for your representative to the Certification Board.

The Eastern, International, and Southwestern Branches as well as the Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE) Section, are electing new ESA Governing Board members, and this is a fertile training ground for future ESA top leadership positions as you get a real idea of what it takes to be ESA President.

Branch and Section leadership also provide important regional and discipline-oriented opportunities to to advance our science and influence. Depending on what branch(es) or section(s) you belong to, you can vote for top officers who among other things help shape the vision of our meetings.

And finally, did you know that you get to vote for whether or not those nominated for Honorary Membership http://entsoc.org/awards/honors/honorary of our Society should get this honor? Just reading through the contributions to our Society of the five nominees can be awe-inspiring. According to our Bylaws http://entsoc.org/PDF/about_esa/governance/documents/bylaws.pdf, the number of Honorary Members is restricted to 1% of the total membership.   For members of this network, did you know that of 106 people named as Honorary Member, only six women have been recognized for their work? We have the opportunity to recognize a 7th woman this year, Dr. Jacqueline Y. Miller.  But the best thing about voting for Honorary Members? You can vote to endorse every one of these deserving candidates!

So, have you voted? If not, please do so today, or before the 15 August 11:59 PM US EDT deadline. It's easy, just follow the instructions http://entsoc.org/about_esa/governance/voting-instructions !

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