Leadership: choices we make

I am often curious about the process behind the choices we make in life, whether deliberately or by serendipity (or a combination of the two).  The chance and choice to become a leader or take a leadership role for an aspect of a team project/effort would in part come down (for me) whether I thought I could contribute significantly and be glad that I stepped up.  SmartBrief has a leadership daily headline email that included a link to the following article http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2012/12/05/the-call-lead/ and it reminded me of these motivations, but also highlighted the differences between how we think about ourselves and how others may see us.  Are you someone willing to push those boundaries?  Many times we are waiting for someone to ask us to volunteer (after all, we are usually plenty busy in our lives without additional responsibilities) but if there is an area that interests you, where you think you could make a positive contribution, think seriously about volunteering and do something about it.  The Ent Soc will soon unveil a volunteer database, but until then, talk to your Section or Branch leaders for nomination to upcoming vacancies on committees or boards or consider nominating someone (or have someone nominate you!) for an award being sponsored by the Sections, Branches, Ent Soc, or Ent Foundation.

Do you think there award categories that are currently not being represented in our Awards structure? Let me know.

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