Dear Women in Entomology Network members:

ESA President Susan Weller asked me to post the following message on her behalf. Thank you for your participation in this Network!

Best regards-

Lisa Junker

Director of Publications and Communications



Dear Women in Entomology Network members,

Since 1958, ESA has honored scientists who have made a significant impact on the field of Entomology through our ESA Founders’ Memorial award ( The nomination packet is due December 1st and is comprised of two components – a description of the deceased person being honored and the credentials of a distinguished ESA member, in a similar discipline, who will provide an informative, engaging presentation at the annual meeting.

Past honorees ( and their presenters represent the intent of the award. However, I personally believe that there are many overlooked contributors because they had non-traditional careers or simply do not fit the stereotype of what ‘is’ an Entomologist. In the next three years, myself and our future ESA presidents are committed to increasing the representation of diverse candidates for our ESA awards, especially the Founders Memorial Award.

Your committee is an important component of our vision of a Society that fulfills the strategic principal “ESA has a social responsibility to develop ALL of its members.” Let’s start supporting this principal by recognizing ALL of our members’ contributions. Many talented people from different walks of life have made major contributions to Entomology. Let's celebrate all the trailblazers in the profession.

Because my request is not far in advance of the submission deadline, should you determine that you need a deadline extension to be able to assemble the nomination package, please inform me and Cindy Myers. Cindy and I will work with you to accommodate reasonable extension requests.

Much thanks in advance for considering my request to your network submit a nomination package.


Susan J. Weller

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