New Child Care Grant Program for Entomology 2014!

Did you see the announcement in the most recent ESA news blast?  

ESA is excited to announce a new child care grant program for this year's Annual Meeting. Small grants of up to $400 per family are available for Entomology 2014 attendees who may be bringing small children to the Annual Meeting or who incur additional expenses in leaving their children at home. Find out more about the Child Care Grant Program. Be sure to apply by Friday, September 5.

Some of you may remember a child care experiment tried a couple of years ago, which turned out to be unsustainable.  This new program is modeled after one from the American Association of Physics Teachers.  We want to know what you think and whether you think you might apply, if not this year, then in the future.  Even though this year's grants are currently capped at $400 each, we don't know how closely this aligns with what families experience in leaving their children at home with extra child care or bringing them to the meetings with them.  Please, if you apply for a grant this year, take the time to let ESA know what you think your actual costs would be and how the current $400 might make a difference. If you have other ideas about how to make this program more effective, please comment here or on your application.

We are excited that this program is being offered this year for Entomology 2014!!

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  • Was the failed child care experiment something similar to day care?   Perhaps attempts at a day-care exchange?  Parents could arrange for a location at the conference with the organizers and parents could set up shifts.  Could even add that as an option for grad student volunteers.  

    I do find this a good idea for those who have additional expenses for child care, be they female or male parents.

    • There are issues of insurance and liability that would prevent this from being an ESA sanctioned program, although certainly parents could take advantage of this type of option on an informal basis.

      Yes, the earlier experiment involved professional daycare on site. It was very expensive, and not very many parents took advantage of it. We are hoping that the small grants awarded will help offset some of the costs of childcare and that we might reach more people in this way. But this too is an experiment, and we will be seeking feedback from those who participated to try to improve the program for coming years.
  • I applied!!!  As a single mom this is incredibly helpful. Even if I don't received the funds it's very forward thinking of ESA and it makes me proud to be a member of this society!

  • I'm so happy to see ESA is giving support to Female Entomologists for the annual meeting. This was one of my concerns during our last year's meeting. One of my college had to send out emails to ask any friends during the meeting to watch her kid when she would be giving a talk. This great support will help a lot of female students, early professionals, established professionals to participate in the meeting better!

  • I think that this is a great idea! I would definitely had applied for this grant. My kids are close to 5 and 9, so I won't be doing that now. I have had to bring my children with me because they refused to take a bottle (they were pretty smart about it), and it has ended up costing me quite a few long haul plane trips + extra pay for my nanny.
     I have brought my kids with me until the youngest stopped nursing, which was around 2 1/2. But I can see if you are single parent, this would be a big help no matter what age the kids are.

    For my second child, he was 2 months at the first ESA meeting, so there were no real costs. For his second ESA meeting (age 15 months), I had significantly more costs. I am not crying that this was a hardship, but I just wanted to lay out the total financial costs.

    Here were the extra costs:

    - Plane ticket for my then 5 year old daughter, because my nanny had to come with me. (Burlington, VT - San Diego - $650)

    - Plane ticket for my nanny ($650)

    - Extra pay for my nanny beyond the 40 hour work week. We settled on something reasonable.

    - Extra meals for the kids and nanny x 4 days

    - $ for exploring the city.

    So I found that bringing the family could cost an extra $1300+, which is an extra cost when they are still dependent upon mom.

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