I rarely listen to or catch Terry Gross' Fresh Air, but the other day it was on the radio and I had to go back to find the complete interview with Debora Spar, author of 'Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection.'  She talked about growing up with the Charlie perfume ads in the 1970s, which depicted a highly successful woman who appeared to have it all. Her career includes being a professor at Harvard Business School, President of Barnard College, and wife and mother of three.

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  • It was ironic...I saw her on a morning show while trying to squeeze in some exercise on a treadmill at the gym between a conference call for work, a volunteer commitment, and a school event!  I haven't read Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In," OR Spar's book, but so far, I feel like Spar's discussion is a bit more honest and gets to the core of what still needs to be done.  From the Fresh Air Post, she says "We still don't have good child care in this country. We know we still don't have pay equity. ... We still don't have support networks for working families."  Affordable, EXCELLENT, childcare would go a long way towards increasing the working moms at the leader's table.

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