Remembering Nancy Beckage

Friends, former students, and colleagues were very saddened to hear of the recent death (April 2, 2012) of Dr. Nancy Beckage, She was professor emerita of entomology and of cell biology and neuroscience at the University of California-Riverside. According to the ESA Newsletter, "Dr. Beckage’s research was in the area of host-parasite interactions, a field in which she performed cutting-edge work. She was known for having made the significant discovery that primary molecular effects of parasitism on the host are due to the injection of a polydnavirus by the female wasp parasitoid." 

Those who knew her best in PBT (Physiology, Biochemistry, & Toxicology) frequently added comments about the support they drew from knowing her.  I think that Section PBT is planning on some sort of tribute for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Knoxville during their Monday afternoon session, but I'm sure that they and others who may have known Nancy or had been influenced by her in their careers, would appreciate hearing any stories you might want to add in tribute to her life.

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  • Thank you for this, Gail. Nancy was a mentor and dear friend of mine. The news of her passing has been overwhelming and heartbreaking. I would like to contribute to upholding her memory in any way I can!

  • There are plans to establish an ESA scholarship for female students of Entomology in memory of Nancy.

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