The government of Tennessee recently approved a bill which allows for the instruction of NON-science-based "theories" and opinion in a science classroom all under the heading of "academic freedom".

I could go on and on about what I think about this but I imagine most of you here have a basic understanding of my thoughts because you likely agree with them.  So, I ask you this...why should I give my hard earned money to a state which clearly does not value science?  Should we fight the good fight by going there and showing them how wrong they are?  Will they care?  Do you really care?

All I know is this recent event makes me want consider having Tennessee join Arizona as states I plan on avoiding until they get their act together. 

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  • I agree with Devon wholeheartedly. I wish we, as individuals and as an organization, would speak up about this -- and loudly. It is not a religious issue. It is a political attack on science by scientific illiterates. I am not going to ESA in November but would love to see, and would support in any way, an ESA campaign to advocate scientific literacy in TN.

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