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Scholarship opportunities

Walaa Ahmed Elsayeh posted in the comments area the question of how to find available scholarships for international students--it came in as many of us were preparing to attend the biggest annual aggregation of entomologists, the ESA Annual Meeting,

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The woman behind the photo

Were you ever curious about the face representing the Women in Entomology Network?  I was.  I found out from ESA's Richard Levine that he solicited photos of entomologists at work and chose this one of ESA member, Joelle Olson, a Senior Entomologist

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Nursing Mothers at ESA Meeting

Hello all -

I am trying to get Del (ESA President) to reserve a space at the national meeting for nursing mothers/ milk expression. The bathroom is not an appropriate space! He really wants to support this idea but said that in the past only a "few" w

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Great Women in Entomology?

Who would you nominate as a "Great Woman in Entomology" and why?  This can be from now back to any point in history.  What characterizes someone as "great"? 


Books are helpful in highlighting the few women who have survived history to even be mention

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