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  • Dear fellow entomologists/ insect trivia enthusiasts,
    Here is an opportunity to fill out this quick survey (less than a minute) of just 8 questions and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. we are conducting market research about a mobile version of an insect trivia quiz bowl. If you would also forward this to other insect trivia enthusiasts, that would be great. #entomology #bugtrivia #insecttrivia
    Thanks in advance.

    BugIQ.trivia Team
  • 13th Annual Arthropod Genomics Symposium (21-23 July, virtual!)

    Dear all,

    You are warmly invited to attend this year's Arthropod Genomics Symposium, being held in a virtual format from wherever you are! Over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (21-23 July), we will have seven thematic sessions on genomics including current initiatives around the globe, chromosomes, ecology and evolution, and agricultural and vector genomics. Workshops are also planned for that Friday (24th July), on the new VectorBase and manual gene annotation in Apollo: please indicate potential interest when you register. Registration is for access to the meeting; there is no fee.

    Full details and the registration link are available at:


    The symposium focuses on new insights gleaned from analysing arthropod genomes and is designed for scientists interested in genomic studies of arthropods, including model organisms, those of importance to agriculture or health, and those of ecological or evolutionary interest. The programme will include presentations from speakers covering several major themes with opportunities for online discussions and interactions amongst all participants. AGS has a history of welcoming postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students, who are again particularly encouraged to join.

    Key Dates and Deadlines

    Friday, July 17 - Registration Deadline
    Monday, July 20 - Technical tests for speakers
    Tuesday, July 21 - Arthropod Genomics and Chromosome Genomics Sessions
    Wednesday, July 22 - China Session and Eco-Evo Genomics I & II Sessions
    Thursday, July 23 - Vector Genomics and Agricultural Genomics Sessions
    Friday, July 24 - Workshops (TBA)


    A virtual meeting requires a few changes to normal conference organisation: participation will be managed through the AGS Slack Workspace and webinars will be broadcast on Zoom. User Guides describing different aspects of how the meeting will be run will be provided. Until then, simply make sure your Slack and Zoom installations are up-to-date, or sign up for and install them (see Slack and Zoom websites for details -- links provide on the AGS meeting page).

    The online format of this meeting also means that all participants may present a 'V-Poster' describing their research project(s). There will be no formal selection process for V-Posters, and due to participants joining from different time zones there will be no dedicated V-Poster sessions. V-Posters act as a graphical advertisement for your project to encourage other attendees to meet with you (online) and discuss further.

    We already have over 150 registered participants and hope to see you there for lively discussions on the latest advances in arthropod genomics!

    Best wishes,
    Surya Saha
    On behalf of the organizing committee
    Website for the i5k 5,000 insect genome initiative.
    • Thank you, Surya. Because you posted this, I was able to participate. It was a wonderful symposium. Thank you for all your hard work.
    • Glad you found it useful, Ann! We have more than 1300 registered for the meeting. I hope you can stay connected with the community on slack. We will send out a survey soon and it will be great to get your feedback. Cheers!
  • Don't forget to sign up for this year's Women in Entomology Breakfast in Vancouver, when you register for the meeting.  Forget to add it to your registration? You should be able to add it to your existing registration.  Hope to see you there! --Gail

  • i love this forum because am an entomologist

  • Thanks Gail for the invitation to the group.

    All the best wishes to all the members, Panama is saying present!

    Lets meet in Monday 26 breakfast :)



  • The breakfast has items for purchase, it is not free. However, students can obtain a voucher at the breakfast, thanks to the support of Dow AgroSciences, which can be used to purchase breakfast items up to the value of the voucher. There is a limited number of vouchers. And yes, the breakfast is open to all interested in promoting women in entomology :)
  • Dear Gail" Every member of this group (even male) is invited in Breakfast, which starts at 6:15 AM (ongoing until 8 AM) on Monday 26 September in the Orlando Orange County Convention Center's West Hall F2.

    is this breakfast is free of cost?

  • We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at the Women in Entomology Breakfast, which starts at 6:15 AM (ongoing until 8 AM) on Monday 26 September in the Orlando Orange County Convention Center's West Hall F2 (9800 International Drive). The breakfast features à la carte choices for purchase. To help support student attendees, Dow AgroSciences is generously providing vouchers for the first 290 students.

     The Women in Entomology Breakfast has been held each year since 1989 at annual meetings of the Entomological Society of America (see Entomology Today article). This event encourages networking, mentoring and collegiality among established entomologists and those who are students or beginning their careers in the field, with an emphasis on encouraging more women to enter and stay in entomology.

     This year's meeting at the International Congress of Entomology is an opportunity to share with an even wider community of entomologists. It will feature birds-of-a-feather tables with career-oriented topics from prospective employers (e.g., academia, industry, government and non-governmental organizations, self-employment), to family/career issues, grants/funding, building your resume, and becoming involved in your entomological society. This year we are also trying out a special WIE Tweet competition, answering questions about Women in Entomology via Twitter.

     Although we know that everyone will be extremely busy at this meeting, it will be a great opportunity for attendees to meet and talk with entomologists from around the world. Please consider joining us at this event, which is open to all interested in promoting women in entomology. No sign-up or RSVP is necessary.


    Hope to see you soon!

    Gail Kampmeier

    Elizabeth Beckemeyer

    Michelle Smith

    Rayda Krell

    Patti Prasifka

    Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris

    P.S. If this is a duplicate message for you we apologize, but please share it with someone who may not have seen it.

    Breakfast, Women in Entomology, and a Revolution
    How twenty-four years of Women in Entomology Breakfasts have led to changes in the Entomological Society.
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Looking for symposium participants: Got Bycatch?

Good afternoon, everyone!As entomologists we know that many of our survey and research activities capture numerous specimens in addition to the insects we are studying… sometimes at ghastly levels. There has been a recent surge of interest in the problem and value of bycatch across entomology, and some of us would like to organize a symposium on this topic for the ESA annual meeting in St. Louis, 17-20 November 2019. We are interested in hearing from colleagues across the entomological…

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ESA Editor-in-Chief Searches

Dear Women in Entomology Network: I wanted to make sure members of this network are aware of two ongoing editor-in-chief searches here at ESA: - Thomas Say Publications is seeking an editor-in-chief to replace current EIC Jim Woolley, who is stepping down after a distinguished term of service. The new editor-in-chief would take office in January 2020. More information about the Thomas Say editor search, including the editor's responsibilities, qualifications, and application requirements, is…

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Careers and Life - 2018 WIE Breakfast and a blog recommendation

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Women In Entomology Breakfast in Vancouver last week (was it only last week?)! The official estimate of attendance is not in yet, but it was close to 300--another record year. The breakfast table topics focus on types of careers and issues with work and balance of family life we might encounter as entomologists. We purposefully avoid discipline-oriented themes  because our Sections and the rest of the meeting focus on these for networking. Included in…

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Call for Editor-In-Chief of ESA's Environmental Entomology

The opportunity to serve as editor-in-chief of one of the Entomological Society of America's flagship journals does not arise every day, but if you think you may be qualified, or know of someone who is, please apply for the newly announced opening for Editor-In-Chief of Environmental Entomology. The deadline for submitting an application is 5 PM EST, 20 December 2018, and the person or persons selected would begin their role(s) in March 2019.  This is a special appeal to encourage more women to…

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