I teach introductory biology courses at Weatherford College in Weatherford, Texas, USA. Weatherford College is a small, two-year college which provides solid, core courses that lead to an associate's degree and the ability to transfer into quality, 4-year programs.

I completed my PhD in quatitative biology from the University of Texas-Arlington with a project on the behavior and ecology of the Comanche harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex comanche. Despite completing the PhD, I am currently a MS student in the on-line only, entomology program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I sjare my work on Research Gate and recently set up a lab/field group with two students. Even though these students are at other institutions, we are working together on entomology projects in the Fort Worth Nature Center, Fort Worth, Texas and nearby areas of Parker, Wise, and Tarrant Counties (north central Texas).


Here's a photo of us in the field:

On the right is Clint King digging into a Cerceris wasp nest, standing is Zachary Chapman looking to nab a dragonfly (also our main photographer), and me writing notes on what we have done and insects collected.